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User: Chrispen
Location: 15 Karachi Dr #01 Markham, ON, Toronto [map]
Phone: (647) 494-4131
Website: http://iflicks.ca/

To take wedding images with visitors as a memorial for this very unforgettable day of their lifestyles. A specialist can make possible this for you.
iFlicks Photo Studio have professional team in this regard. We know how this can possible. We offer we offer services ranging from Passport photos, family, musician and model portraits to wedding shoots both on and off set.
Our services are included:
1. Celebrity Photography.
2. Baby Photography.
3. Maternity Photography.
4. Family Photography.
5. Glamour Photography.
6. Engagement Photography.
7. Wedding Photography.
8. Videography.
9. Musician Photography.
And any other special event in your life.

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