Rachel Bird, RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)

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Phone: 905-940-2727
Website: http://www.naturopathicfoundations.ca

As a holistic nutritionist my focus is the connection of our bodies, mind and nature. We are all our own being, and we should be treating our bodies with our uniqueness in mind. Health, specifically nutrition, starts from the ground up. How our food is grown, how we cook a meal and how we eat all determines our overall health. As a society we have taken a lot of the goodness of nature away and replaced it with toxicity and disease. I can help you to revert back to the simplistic ways and restore the good natural health that was meant to be in your body and life.

I can teach you about healthy eating habits, simple lifestyle changes, build a nutrition plan with you that will fit your individual needs and body make-up and provide you with simple recipes to reach your goal!

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