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Professional Hot Stone Massage Kit

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51 piece Basalt Hot Stone 6.5 Qt Kit with Chakra Gemstones

$250.00 - 50% savings off new complete kit

This deal is too good to be true and will not last long! This complete set is practically brand new, used only a few times. Stones have been cleansed and charged and are ready to use. This complete set is suitable for clinics, mobile therapists, students, schools, spas and home use. The best type of stone for hot stone massage is basalt. Basalt is composed mainly of silica as well as traces of iron, giving it superior heat retention to other stones. Basalt stone provides the best heat retention. Basalt Stones are hand polished and shaped for uniformity and fits well into the body with no bumps or edges. The most powerful reason for using a professional stone heater is the thermostat. This ensures that the temperature does not rise above 78C. Heaters that are not specifically designed for hot stone use do not have this feature, which prevents stones from being heated to an unsafe temperature.

1. Professional, Stainless Steel/Black - SPA PRO Massage Stone 6.5 quart Heater with preheat feature.
2. Insulated electrical cord and plug.
3. The Stone Massage Educational Manual Level 1.
4. Large cool touch handles for safety.
5. Fully portable.
6. One (1) Sacrum Stone
7. Two (2) Extra large stones
8. Two (2) large stones.
9. Sixteen (16) Medium stones.
10. Two (2) Round palm stones
11. Four (4) Deep tissue/trigger point stones
12. Twelve (12) small stones for spinal layout.
13. One (1) Third eye stone.
14. Two (2) Extra-small facial stones.
15. Eight (8) Toe stones.
16. The Art of Stone Healing by Sonia Alexander (BONUS)
17. Seven (7) Chakra Semi-precious Gemstones in a velveteen pouch. (BONUS)
18. Slotted Wooden Spoon for safe stone removal from vat. (BONUS)
19. Thermal Thermometer for accurate temperature control. (BONUS)
20. Complete Basalt Stone Kit weight is approximately 24 pounds.

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